The Allengator's Domain

There is a TON more content when I finish web development. For now, I will provide you with some informative links.

Please read my blog. I update it more than I should. I blog about my life, work, and interesting tid-bits I find scattered throughout our existence. I also update regularly with little recurring bits. A few include:

Mega Media Monday is where I go out and try to find the coolest videos you may or may not have seen on Youtube, the best flash files, and cutest pictures the net has to offer. I try my best to do them each and every Monday!

Mega Media Monday.

The Nerds R' Us Podcast is on indefinate hiatus until furthur notice. It is a podcst that will also be features on ITunes and on here. It is a near weekly look at the world of gaming, television, movies, gadgets, and, the almighty Allengator's Tirades!

Listen to the archives here.

The Saga of Petey the Monkey is my attempt to write prose. I try to write it in a way a third grader COULD read it, but maybe shouldn't. I try to have one roughly once a month, so as to not burn you guys out of them!

Petey passed out here.

Screwed up fables is where I take some common non-anthropomorphic items and turn it into some kind of story with a moral. I have no idea how often I can crank them out. As often as my imagination will let me, I guess.

Read 'em here.

I will let you guys know when a SIGNIFICANT change has happened on here, but bookmark this, because you never know when I may add a new feature! With Love,

The Allengator